Audio production for prospective musicians and creative thinkers alike. Fulfill that melody howling through your head with training in recording, sampling, composition, arrangement, mixing, sound design, synthesis, modulation, all things audible!

Studio Lessons

Access to tools and equipment designed and maintained for musical creation, provided in an environment suited for audio production. Utilize quality software and hardware for recording, composing, and mixing with ease. Endless libraries of instruments, effects, samples and other gizmos both real and virtual: keyboards, amps, drum pads, processors, percussion, you name it!

Home Lessons

This will forgo a few notable studio tools and utilities, but with the added comfort of using your own space. Rates are higher for transportation expenses and labor/risk of equipment. The provided equipment will include audio software with full in-the-box production capabilities, and the necessary recording devices for voice, direct inputs, and personal amps.


If your music is already recorded, or you’re  missing an arrangement element or two, send along your files and I’ll tighten them up. I’ve mixed (almost) every-known genre and instrumentation, I can absolutely mix with your vision in mind. If you have a simple session, say an acoustic/vocal combo, I won’t charge full price to mix.