Conflicting Conflict

We all know close-minded folks
With blinds pulled over their eyes
Disguised, sheeps clothes
Lion with no pride

So prideful nonetheless
Spiteful, deceitful
Regrettably, it just might be
Present climate season

We imply perceived niceties
To keep our needs within reach
Means to an end
To pretend and receive ends

Get ahead, who can condemn
In a culture of bad news
Relaxed and cool is a fools attribute

Rather act like brutes
Talking trash
In fastfood drive-throughs 
To every last bastard that moves

Attitudes are flat opposed
To the status quo
Even though that unique view
Is matched by most

Wearing these castes of alloy
To mask and cope as outcasts
Coat of arms attached
To defend against attacks

Though offense is relative
Insults theoretical
Reactions from backtalk
Adjunct for each individual

Fighting against what doesn't exist
And when it does exist, we miss it
Because we're too busy in conflict.

Certainty Ambiguity

We chase certainty
Perceive the unknown as alien
Instead of handing over control
We proceed to mail it in

Leave it in the junk bin
To prevent latent grief
And other brief tensions
Encumbrances we meet

Should puncture some vents
In our bubble, let the air in it
Better yet
Venturing outside our airless aquarium

Our built nest, platos cave
Once we're unchained
Our behavior then becomes strange
To the layman that remain

So instead we don't escape
And don't let anyone else enter in
To shelter our sheltered view
True maldevelopment

Collective madness
Attributes of absolutes
Prevent contamination
With a polluted vacuum

Which is counterintuitive
Counteractive to congruity
We all pursue to be set free
With ambiguity

Thinking we can control
All variables is hysterical
We may not know whats good for us
Go with the breeze as it flows.

Self-Righteous Blindfold

I'm sick of advice
Especially when the giver is mine own
Like I have the right
Self righteously blindfold

Myself with selfish pride
Against what I find identifies
As a minor slight
An offense exemplified

Misanalysed regrettably
I recognize, apologize
Try to resolve my hollow spite
An amoral bind

I'm misunderstood
Or maybe I misunderstand
When I put my foot in my mouth
Instead of lend one a hand

Decide others woulds and shoulds
Without being put
Afoot in their reality
All my putdowns are true fallacies

The nerve or grounds, to serve around
My personal concerns
Is so impersonal
Shows no backbone or vertebra

That happens when this cloud
Of outcast self-doubt
Is the foundation throughout

Structure becomes a house of cards
Shaking, swaying just waiting
That it is in fact safe
With shameless validating

My unstable ways
I didn't build them solitarily
But socially, culturally
Environmentally ill-conceived

But mindfully through readjustment
With beams and sheetrock
Maybe I'll remain upright
With others to lean on.

Wear Your Wounds

Living frantically
Trying to manage my manic need
To keep up fantasies
American dream vanity

I keep what can't be seen
My damaged seams
If I don't show that skin
It may vanish like tannery

But blending in instead leads
To panicking
To every candid happenstance
Against my planned conceit

In reality
Living concealed is insanity
Being human comes with wounds
Accrued from the usual calamity

No ones immune don't refute it
It's mutually earned
Yourself and others
Hard truths are duly discovered

Bruised and battered
You move forward
To get through the dust storm to cover
Until other tribulations emerge

Learn to fail or fail to learn
Wear scars like brail to interpret
Your hurts
Each one reads that courage occurred.

Take Loving Action

The ancestor to action 
is intention
Collection of willingness
Optimism, and reverence

Ones sense of self in reference
To connection
Acceptance to the world
It really in't against us

Theres no preemptive malevolence
Except the misperception 
of fears invented
Apprehension instead of essence

Of wherever our heart is destined
When we pressure and force variables
It only takes a toll on our own
Coronary arteriole

Tearing holes in flow
We don't know the endgame
For us to impede what we fear
May be impending

That's insane
Each day is a sensei to teach us
Heed the struggle and tedium
Continually meet each with love

Go Far

Forgive yourself
For you live with yourself
Dismiss past tenseness
And live for the now

You have a perfectly
Permissive disposition
Exquisite distinction
Individuality to fulfill in an instant

Start to tell your heroes tale
With your past avails to
Passages to brave passed
Himalayas to scale

Castaway at seas to sail
Gail force breeze wails
Unyielding terrain
Unequal travail

Blazing desert plains
Hypothermic glacial nights
Accolades amass at you lap
With each flag, each sight

You keep riding
Knightly dragons slain
Castles made and break the same
As you blaze with no blazon displayed

Anomalous you remain
Stardust rebond
You belong across the sky
You've already come so far.

Steadfast And Yet Relaxed

We don't know our own strength
The toll we take
From toes, legs, torso
Abdo, throat, face

The whole framework overstrained
Over-paced behavior
Whole array misshapen
Til it erodes away

Slowly frayed, flayed daily
From greed and shame
We retain
Each bait we proceed to take

Facebook, tweets, dm's
Social media snakes
Can leave a cheap
Fleeting remark a screen away

Harming the cohesion
Our weave like yarn texture
Our coat of arms tears apart
Like polyester

Mustn't fester
Over the sorry folly of others
The effort to judge
Is much easier than to serve

So rest assured
And set forth the steps towards
Your bettering incrementally
Beckon those against that course.

Our Home

Why do we force the course,
Of source, performing "reformance",
Against the forms of nature,
Natural organisms,

Transforming terraform,
Our born worldly existence,
Insistent on controlling it,
As if it's opposition,

Consistent resistance is causing us,
Chronic sickness,
Dismissing authentic growth,
Oblivious to it's ripple effects,

It'll be a bitter pill instilled,
When it comes time for swallowing,
Our life energy starved,
From gobbling up with gluttony,

We'll swallow it like arsenic,
Poison, toxic biotics,
What it causes,
Honestly we're probably already absorbing,

Absolving all of us,
We got the disease of disregard,
The earth wants us,
To be a part of it in all of it's art,

Heartily we must accept,
Our connection,
Acknowledging our extension,
And pledge to better our collective residence.

Allow Growth

Allow what is sown to grow
The fertile seeds to sprout
To sturdy trees flourishing
On the forest surface throughout

Shedding offspring on the ground
For chipsmunks and squirrels to prowl
And spread around
And burrow where the sun sheds down

Against pockets of mountain pine
White oak, striped maples
Climbing with quiet determination
The heights they are able

To find day light
In their wake make shelter for critters
Vertebrates, birds and insects
Catepillers hatch to flitter

In color, a subtle beauty
Becoming truly enticing
In every nook and cranny hiding
The canopy is so inviting

Let it strive.


Why do we believe our ego so?
It sneaks in, reaches, seizing a deep hold
When we feel low and oh so vulnerable
To believe we are sheep concealed in wolves clothes

We're only deceiving ourselves
Our hell is our own making
That we create to keep at bay
From the traits we deem forsaking

A tall tale from a small frail
Part of us
That was once in arduous hardship
But honestly isn't the heart of us

We are love
Like artemis we must guard and protect
Our innocent marvelment
Before impressionable judgements scarred them

And hardened our skin like marble
What's wrong with being unremarkable
With open arms, in all that we go through
To remain modest is honorable.