mice & men

The heightened schemes
Of mice and men
The two species meet
With equal means to an end

The selfish needs
To get the cheese
And keep it
Complete disregard for indecent

Keeping what isn't ours
With boundaries cowardly
Shrouded we scour
Reaping and devouring

Outwardly spreading disease
With negligent ease
Our pedigree seems
We're an identical breed.

Non duality

We live duality 
In our reality
Backwards opposites
Distracted cognizance

It can't be that if it's this
White can't be black
Sad can't be bliss
There's no passion as a passive pacifist

Tragedy can only breed misery
Sensitivity turns pity
If you've lived with these griefs
You believe a bit differently

These hinderances we keep
Intrinsically in everything
To shelter our naive comforts
Against uncertainty ascending

Acceptability to what is
Without measuring metrics
Or separation, segregation
Life is gray yet iridescent.

Productive for what?

You must be productive
Plethora things you haven't done yet
You bumbling unstructured bum
Bottom bunk bed incumbent

Hurry up and do something
Anything in conjunction
With motor functions
Your borderline horizontally structured

Uh uh, nope, not good enough
Your putting up humble numbers
You must muster the chutzpah
You should be batting one-hundred

This judgement sure helps doesn't it
Impetus without rest
Nothing like continuous thrust
To nudge you over the edge

Silence is golden

All of humanities ills
In our inability to sit still
In tranquility, we feel the need
To impede and fulfill relief

Of tedium with instability
Debilitating the stillness
Like trying to instill peace
By drilling heavy artillery

Into the breeze
Our vulnerabilities
Are too much to will the need
Of rest, to test our sensibilities

Instead we fill the ease
Ceaselessly we intervene
But the beauty in music
Is in the stillness in between

Rhythm isn't rhythm
Without the division of emission
Into nothing but silence
It's a big mix jambalaya

You might be one
To speak with a a silver tongue
But silence is golden
Priceless is solemness

Only the lonely know it
Like Orbison notioned
How much the outspoken
Could notice if they'd just hold lips

For a moment only
intermittently hold hush
Inevitably unfold
Whatever's closed will open up.

Respect Yourself 2

I've heard you can't get respect
Unless you earn respect
The reverse is just as correct
When self-worth gets neglect

You can't give respect
When it isn't in you to give it
It can be reciprocal
But love lives within intrinsic

The dividends aren't divvied
Through difficult hard-living
We all wither regardless
So harness equanimity

We've got equality
Whether you like or not
We're of this Earth plot
We all rocking the third rock

We walking in birkenstock
Or whatever you trodden on
Down-trodden or lost
I regard you, let your guard drop

Does not serve anyone
Or anything
Steadily make pedigree
Develop empathetically

If we respect ourselves collectively
We get the temperament
Of reverence for everyone
Become one connectedness.

Loves worth the effort

Hope to cultivate 
An inner vocalization
That stays outspoke towards hate
In any form or shape

When my own state gets
Overstimulated and triggered
I will be bigger than spontaneous
Inclination to bitterness

And dissonance with resilience
To shame and malice ways
Stay straight like balance beams
Through the shadiest alleyways

Retaliate against hate
With geniality and grace
Gratitude and praise
Compassion passiveness passé 

How we proclaim treatment
Seems to be based on how we treat each other
With a little extra effort
Might discover love unearthed.

Conquest & Conquer

Triumph & conquer 
The cause of common imposters
A syndrome like lymph nodes
Constantly fighting off toxins

Only in the eyes of the beholder
Can you define what's no good
What's right, what's wrong
Whats neutral prognosis

It's preposterous what prospers
Money & power conquests
When nine times out of 10
One falls short of the target

Even when you accomplish
You'll hardly have enough
A starved, impoverished purpose
Always on the perpetual hunt 

Do You

When you move towards approval
You'll soon feel lured
Into a lose-lose
Catch 22, state of confusion

For what you want to do
With others unsubtle views
And reviews, just do you
Conflict of conscious consumes

It's useless for aptitude
Or destiny, whatever you believe
To try to meet
Every trend and scheme of society

Best to be independent
Stay steadily headed
In your own direction
The road less treaded

Eventually people
Will see you for you technique
Chic and regal abilities
You kept it real unique

Even if others still don't see you
Don't beat yourself, be cool
Because being deceitful isn't easy
Best just be you.


Maybe if a man can't keep pace
With his companions
He's been placed in the wrong race
Marginal propaganda

He's been handed separate notations
Of scale and stanza
The rhythm that's in him is different
Intrinsic cadenza

He shuffles to his own drummer
Hums to his own strummer
Both feet in sync
Rumbling like thunder

Unheard to others
But the percussion echoes on
Out into the ether
The ethos of what they are

Don't squander the biology
Economy is the wrong growth
The rose rises through hard stone

The roots underneath your boots
Fuse a connection to essence
The universe is in tune
All you need to is surrender

We undermined our guides
In the minds-eye
Find the life-line
In grand-scale time-line we're pint-sized.

Let it become

Allow yourself to tear up
When you feel you need
Something to tear up
The nearest perishable frail construct

Kerosene it all in a bon fire
Bon voyage, au revoir
Bon appetit for destruction
Guns & rose pompon

Super bon bon
Got your soul coughing
When you could just nod
Acknowledging heart-felt honesty

See emotions blossom and release
You soften in the process
Tension seize
Without the need for toxic identity

We've all got a small sum
Of Nostradamus inside us
That knows, Our consciousness
Yet watches in calmness vitalic

Let it be
Like a Beatle once said
No need for dysfunction, disruption
Just be with omnipresence instead.