Convey It Forward

I wish to say
What I feel each day
And pay the price, in hindsight 
It wages better than restraint

Why remain in the shade
Caved in, playing, portraying fables
And charades, afraid
Of what may lay beyond the hazy faint glow

Of light that shines right into
The cradle from whence we came
Does it not awaken some innate
Sense of exploration depraved

Does it not suggest
Some gesture that we just might be meant for
Something more than lives spent
In entrenchment surrendered

But for enrichment
And adventure
The quest for questions
And answers hence forth

To measure our beliefs
Against possibilities
We will transcend our sense of ease
For posterity.

Set Sail

I hope my ego will let me be at sea
Keep at bay, perhaps will stay
While I sail bravely
Out into the capped waves

Unafraid of the vague
Unmapped, and unnamed
Unknown, no longer keep
Me coasting and safe

While I may need the lighthouses
To beacon round cape fear
I still steer into the dreary
Sights nearly disappear

That’s what attracts me
Where maps don’t exactly capture clear
Nearly capsizing trying to navigate
The atmosphere

Yet persevere
Headlong, headstrong, pressing on
Solitary yet your sense of self
Extends beyond the shore.


What you think is most important to you
Probably isn't
You can hardly, arguably
Make that decision going in

It's a retrospective distinction
Recognition in the rear view
A tearful glimpse
Not premonition clear proof

You don't know what's so meaningful
At the time, naive to
Seeing your truth
In the moment the real you is real loose

Our movements through the universe
Skewed by mistruths
Misuse of our given gifts
Of unique use

Luckily for us
They usually sneak through
Despite our best efforts
Of trying to be immune

To being our raw selves
Being able to sit and chew
The meat and juice of who we are
As being individuals

We will view in our memory
And steadily recognize
The times we showed up
They'll be petrified

In our minds
Who we were, deep through the facade
Faults and flaws and all
That's what makes us who we are .

Best or Forget It

He is greatness you say
That may be a tad fallacious
His patience to new opinions
Stands shaky with each day

"Yes but he doesn't need to reason
You see, he's a genius
Don't let deceiving views
Of disbelief get between us"

So what does that make me and you?
Since we're not special at all
Just some regular fools?

Or expendables!?
"Well I guess maybe that's just you
Got to get with the best while you can,
Or get screwed."

Blend in with the Bedlam

Never get a fair shake
When the wealth ain't spread
It gets shared among snakes
They slick & shed skin

Blend into the hedges
Venom make us all hectic
Yet they talk so sweet
Make us feel diabetic

I don’t get it
Are we so discontented?
We let wolves into the hen-pen
Just to get some incentive

If you could get the opportunity
To be anything you fantasized
Would you know what to do with it?
Could you actualize?

Ask sometime.

Be the Difference

How come
When you want to help, or be helped
It’s hell
Get played like free cell

But they don’t free cells
Least when profits keep swelled
At the expense of other
Peoples free will

For cheap thrills
We find our societies position
Be enticed with pleasure
Or be punished for resistance

Theres no stomach for stoicism
Let's bring into fruition
Listening and good intentions
Instead of alienated decisions

Be the difference.


Work with me not against me
Man my patience is empty
No envy left in me
Ain't impressed with legacy

Empathy is the ingredient
You're missing in the recipe
It's everything
The salt and pepper seeds

My proof theory is that
Ain't have to prove s***
Theres so many factors
That vary, carry into success

Or lack thereof, It's a crap shoot
So you have to
Do unto others
What you'd have them have do

True Compassion

Con Ads

They only tell you what you can’t do
Not what you can
Options are limited
Stop signs and red lights like Roxanne

No options are there
Nothings offered its not fair
Yet they dangle the prospect
Out there in the air

Of fame and prosperity
And all that hogwash
Nonsense, advertisement
Feeding the harvest crops

I’m not falling man
You already got us
Hopping over obstacles
That's everywhere propped up

But you can't con us
No more, no sir
We don't serve the conglomerate
When we broke it don't work.

Drug Ads

You better think twice
Whatever lies you're peddling,
I ain't settling with whatever
My ties be severing

Trying to better my life
Not forever convalescent
Check the supplements
Collecting up there on my dresser

Time to forget em
Step up, be adept and adapt
No longer adopting
The option to drain untapped

Be abstract, like Jackson Pollock
With no toll or cost, hardwork
Struggle is artwork
Go ahead and let your art flourish.


Words may be evading
But musics the translator
When the orchestration congregates
Communication interpretator

All the world understands
Common language of song
Hum along with homonyms
The rhythms constant in its cause

In it's grandeur, no grand staff mandatory
Just need to feel it
It pulses on through you
Like DNA helix

No secrets withheld
No unwelcome, no unequal
No unwanted, no deceitful,
No single Scarlett seal,

The waves vibration
Through all space and time
And when they align
All harmony unites.