Conflicting Conflict

We all know close-minded folks
With blinds pulled over their eyes
Disguised, sheeps clothes
Lion with no pride

So prideful nonetheless
Spiteful, deceitful
Regrettably, it just might be
Present climate season

We imply perceived niceties
To keep our needs within reach
Means to an end
To pretend and receive ends

Get ahead, who can condemn
In a culture of bad news
Relaxed and cool is a fools attribute

Rather act like brutes
Talking trash
In fastfood drive-throughs 
To every last bastard that moves

Attitudes are flat opposed
To the status quo
Even though that unique view
Is matched by most

Wearing these castes of alloy
To mask and cope as outcasts
Coat of arms attached
To defend against attacks

Though offense is relative
Insults theoretical
Reactions from backtalk
Adjunct for each individual

Fighting against what doesn't exist
And when it does exist, we miss it
Because we're too busy in conflict.

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