What you think is most important to you
Probably isn't
You can hardly, arguably
Make that decision going in

It's a retrospective distinction
Recognition in the rear view
A tearful glimpse
Not premonition clear proof

You don't know what's so meaningful
At the time, naive to
Seeing your truth
In the moment the real you is real loose

Our movements through the universe
Skewed by mistruths
Misuse of our given gifts
Of unique use

Luckily for us
They usually sneak through
Despite our best efforts
Of trying to be immune

To being our raw selves
Being able to sit and chew
The meat and juice of who we are
As being individuals

We will view in our memory
And steadily recognize
The times we showed up
They'll be petrified

In our minds
Who we were, deep through the facade
Faults and flaws and all
That's what makes us who we are .

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