I Know

I know loneliness, Being estranged
Refraining to strange silence, With so much you’d like to say
I know withholding emotions, Though I feel them so immensely
Letting things go, Though I know I struggle feeling empty
I know true pain, Without any physical strain
Yet physical pain, nonetheless, that no stretch alleviates
I know what it’s like laying awake at night
Praying everything may change
I know anger, I know rage, I know guilt, I know shame
I know what it’s like when I don’t know why
I feel a certain way
To go searching for meaning, Knowing I’ll end up back in the same place
I know taking the wrong advice, I know it’s myself to blame
I know medication, I know intoxication
I know filling the wrong prescription, By the wrong consultation
With unwanted results, I know drug addiction, Self infliction
I know slipping up again and again, And I can’t fix it
And I sure as shit know judgement, From people who’ve never lived it
When I ask for help, Knowing I’m worse off for insisting
When I want someone to care, But I’m not worth the commitment
I know my instability, I know what it’s like when no one listens
When I have no place to go, So I end up sitting
At the dock of the bay, Watching the tide drifting
Knowing nothing may come my way, But what’s the difference
Since I know if I had everything now
It won’t replace whatever’s missing.

But I also know love, When I see someone struggle
I know how to shed my own bubble, To show someone comfort
I know compassion and forgiveness, Understanding and assistance
I can give up my strong opinions, To acknowledge someone different
I know when I look at a person, I hope that they’re truly happy
They don’t always have to be, If only when it truly matters to be
I know when it’s someone else’s moment, And they deserve to have it
Because I know when someone is at their best, We become magnets
When we see something magical, I know it when it happens
When we’re no longer individuals, We’ve become bigger than that sense
I know what I know, I know hope is spiritual
There’s music in the air, I know you can hear it too.

Thank you.

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