There’s been permanent permutation
In our civilization
Face changes that may not be
Regained with further urbanization

Toxins will wash away it all
We’re washed away with it
We’re just ripples sent drifting
Disappearing in the distance

We’ll be a glimpsed reminder
Of an empire that set fire
To environments
For our own lonely dominance and pride it went

Those who already suffer worsen
They always suffer the worse with
Our third person rubbernecking
Concern for our own nourishment

We turn away nervously
We carry our own burden
Instead of sharing the weight
We bare each taking turns with it

When the weight leans into us
We usually just step away
Now we’re all shaking in place
Complacent, it's too much to take

For any one of us
As individuals we're hypocritical
It’s critical, let separatism finish
Or isolate ourselves

Decisions, decisions...

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