Littering And

Sell your cleverness 
And purchase bewilderment
What's better is it's free
It doesn’t cost any cents

Call it optimism I guess
Whatever the definition is
Open-mindedness, stop resistance
Give into unlimited

Officials, proficients. technicians
Politicians, practitioners
Act practical and all that
Yet haven't a single hints worth

Of what this massive universe 
Actually represents
We're just fragments of existence
A smidgen on it's timespan

Yet we act all convinced
And definitive of how to live
With our daily activities
And all that "that’s the way it is”

If an extraterrestrial 
Celestial citizen
Looked in on our civilization
They would become sickened within

This chickenshit individualist
Sit and litter the wilderness
And the ocean, what if
We are the litter someone else left? 

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