Finding Space

To be unshaken, undeterred
Nurturing your nerves
Burglars can ransack your house
No valuables are preserved

Yet you take the opportunity
To observe space undisturbed
The emptiness has a sense of
Peace unperturbed

They departed with your earnings
But moon and stars still circle
Real worth is
Space where possibilities may surface.

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Bowl Cycle

No one seems to notice
They only shrug they shoulders
And go about business as normal
Their ordinary rapport but

I'm spiraling in a downward
Cycle like the toilet bowl
My s### disposable to most
Decompose and erode

They too hard nosed to notice
It's no-ones fault but my own,
I dig my own hole
It's time to climb out and smell the roses

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These Days

Can’t intermingle
Who are my own people
Relate to those who struggle
Forget color, race, or gene pools 

We equal, get swindle
By a few in collusion
Who've been doing the screwing since
Soon after the constitution writ

"Do your due diligence, get you due"
They said, they full of it
That’s restricted
For specific silver spooner kids

Who complain at non consumers
Like we've got something to give
For useless frivolousness
It's true disillusionment

Pay fair wages
Don't just wage war
Doomsday rakes ruins
Man get what you paid for

Societies stay polluted these days.

Doonoold Troomp

I'm A Menace to Humanity
Man hand me a decree
With a stamp of declaration
I'm the chancellor in chief

I'm the man to see, the man to be
Man I look like a manatee
Mismanaging mankind
to a mammoth degree
Man I am king
Of the single greatest nation
All in favor say aye
All opposed may die.

Either way, hey we all may die...

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