Respect Yourself 2

I've heard you can't get respect
Unless you earn respect
The reverse is just as correct
When self-worth gets neglect

You can't give respect
When it isn't in you to give it
It can be reciprocal
But love lives within intrinsic

The dividends aren't divvied
Through difficult hard-living
We all wither regardless
So harness equanimity

We've got equality
Whether you like or not
We're of this Earth plot
We all rocking the third rock

We walking in birkenstock
Or whatever you trodden on
Down-trodden or lost
I regard you, let your guard drop

Does not serve anyone
Or anything
Steadily make pedigree
Develop empathetically

If we respect ourselves collectively
We get the temperament
Of reverence for everyone
Become one connectedness.

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