Silence is golden

All of humanities ills
In our inability to sit still
In tranquility, we feel the need
To impede and fulfill relief

Of tedium with instability
Debilitating the stillness
Like trying to instill peace
By drilling heavy artillery

Into the breeze
Our vulnerabilities
Are too much to will the need
Of rest, to test our sensibilities

Instead we fill the ease
Ceaselessly we intervene
But the beauty in music
Is in the stillness in between

Rhythm isn't rhythm
Without the division of emission
Into nothing but silence
It's a big mix jambalaya

You might be one
To speak with a a silver tongue
But silence is golden
Priceless is solemness

Only the lonely know it
Like Orbison notioned
How much the outspoken
Could notice if they'd just hold lips

For a moment only
intermittently hold hush
Inevitably unfold
Whatever's closed will open up.

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