You love the things you love
For what they are
Theres no such thing as worth
No less no more

Your flaws most of all sparkle
Only your concepts regard them
As marginal
Partial to right or wrong

Your best qualities
Are these imperfections
It's our gift to the rest
If we could just express them

In essence, what connects us
Discovering together
Our pilgrimage
To loving transcendence

Like birds of the air
Drifting so gentle
Not against the wind
But with its trajection

We collide at odds
Such harsh, vitriol
Without honest awareness
That we're all in the same boat

Floating in the cosmos
We're all made of stars
Yet we can not revolve
Without another's orbit

So harness your form
Take course and shine
So bright we light up
The entire night sky

Scaling Mountains

Difficult issues come up
Tough stuff but
It's a matter of opinion
What is considered cumbersome

What holds as momentous
Isn't unanimous
So why we waste our stamina
Adding up damages with an abacus

Flattering our judgements
Undertaking solutions with sledgehammers
To crack a nut
Statutes and acts established but

In backwards fashion
Actions and practices reactive
Don't have to act indifferent
To have acceptance impassive

Sadly bad things happen
Must we act so indignant
And dignified to gratify
Individual resistance

And erase and tear up
Like grammatical errors
Trying to categorize 
Like the encyclopedia britannica

Pulling hair right out of our scalps
To control outcomes
But how come we make ant hills
Insurmountable mountains.


Demonstrating presence
Readily comprehensive
No exceptions
Shedding any past pretensions

Recommendation suggest
That everyone in attendance
Be exactly as they are
No less, no more

No foregone molds
No forewarning be told
The total unknown
In every moment to behold

Embrace it as it comes
Grateful as it goes
No labels bestowed
No chasing novels

No way better or inferior
Not past, nor foreseeable
Future that's fueling
Your path through material

Being a miracle
Perspective isn't retrospective
Let it be in acceptance
Being is luminescence.

Meant to Be

You had to go through
That which happened to you
That trajectory was meant to be
The need absolute

Each avenues 
That you've traveled through
On review the value
Shrouds the palpable

But do not doubt
The amount you have
Amounted to
Mountain views

The bountiful gaze you've made
The traits accumulated
To make great migrations
With vibration to shake nations

Or maybe just aid the change
For a single gracious patron
For the sake of creating
The occasion for revelation.


Tend to rest on our laurels
Like it's all moral
To let forethought and cause
Be orchestrated by our royals,

Of oratorical and written history 
Our fore founders and traditions be
Fixed rigidly,

Little heeding to meaning
Or purpose we just serve
As servants surfacing
With little to no coercion

We all discern the rowboat
Isn't propelled by it's own wake
Awoken we hold sway
The oarsman hold the pace,

Keep it straight and afloat
Know when to coast or start stroking
The founders are foundering
Letting the boat overflowing,

We're sinking or capsizing
Forecasters denied the rising
Massive tidal wave
Do we act rightly or behave.