Convey It Forward

I wish to say
What I feel each day
And pay the price, in hindsight 
It wages better than restraint

Why remain in the shade
Caved in, playing, portraying fables
And charades, afraid
Of what may lay beyond the hazy faint glow

Of light that shines right into
The cradle from whence we came
Does it not awaken some innate
Sense of exploration depraved

Does it not suggest
Some gesture that we just might be meant for
Something more than lives spent
In entrenchment surrendered

But for enrichment
And adventure
The quest for questions
And answers hence forth

To measure our beliefs
Against possibilities
We will transcend our sense of ease
For posterity.


Words may be evading
But musics the translator
When the orchestration congregates
Communication interpretator

All the world understands
Common language of song
Hum along with homonyms
The rhythms constant in its cause

In it's grandeur, no grand staff mandatory
Just need to feel it
It pulses on through you
Like DNA helix

No secrets withheld
No unwelcome, no unequal
No unwanted, no deceitful,
No single Scarlett seal,

The waves vibration
Through all space and time
And when they align
All harmony unites.

Neural Chemistry

I’ve got a dysfunctional
Limbic structure or something
Biological, I do not know
It’s obvious for nothing

The cause a long list of theoreticals
I probably checkbox them all
While my baffling episodes
Continue to sprawl

Awkwardly and all that
Brain matter in constant combat
Make contact with true self
Now thats a hearty laugh

But I'll fall for that.

Similar Souls

Sick of feeling boxed in
Parts of me, I do not understand
The underhanded advice offered
Identify and prosper plans

Find your competent qualities
And fit in proper
The only thing that I have discovered
I do not fit the slot marks

To one thing or another
Man, where is the comfort
The southern comfort
Always having one foot in gutter

The other in the shrubs
Why am I so unsure
Call it an “ imposter” trait
What am I good for

My sense of hope
Is the simple knowing tone
The understanding that comes
From those similar souls.

Agree to Disagree

Inner vision of what you intend
Can manifest against the grain
Upending the expectations
Prevalent in everyday

If Ferdinand the bull
Presented his way on stage
And spent the event grazing
The daisies gentle and tame

Would we accept it?
Is that unstable for a bull
To be humble and docile
Are we impartial and marginal?

We must revoke his “ nature”
Like to unscramble a picasso
Cause it’s not natural to us
Like we feel that it ought to

Our human nature 
Is to change what's wrong "logically"
Instead of accepting uncertainties
And agree to disagree.

Pretentious Plain Janes

Release your need to achieve
To be the receiving end of everything
Please don't deem 
Achievement enviably

Direct recognition
With abbreviated letters
To be addressed for success
Your are subsequently better

Than whatever headers is left
With the rest of us
At least that's how it's perceived
No phd etc

Separate you and us
Pretentious vs the plain janes
We just maintain
Never cultivate our brainwaves 

Stuck on the perception
One another's misdirection
Is why we suffer collectively
If only we got the message

So You’re Right, So.

All that you get, with all that effort
Is being right
This is it quite meaningless
In the context of life

And everything you can find
To be nimble with convictions
And listening to the possibilities
Across all existence

And yet you seem to stay insistent
After all of this time
Of hard living, you must win
It's all on the line

What cards do you hold?
To make such a play
Someday you'll be left froze
With your vacant poker face

Sustained in place
Fake, been living a masquerade
But it isn't too late embracing
Living unrestrained

Littering And

Sell your cleverness 
And purchase bewilderment
What's better is it's free
It doesn’t cost any cents

Call it optimism I guess
Whatever the definition is
Open-mindedness, stop resistance
Give into unlimited

Officials, proficients. technicians
Politicians, practitioners
Act practical and all that
Yet haven't a single hints worth

Of what this massive universe 
Actually represents
We're just fragments of existence
A smidgen on it's timespan

Yet we act all convinced
And definitive of how to live
With our daily activities
And all that "that’s the way it is”

If an extraterrestrial 
Celestial citizen
Looked in on our civilization
They would become sickened within

This chickenshit individualist
Sit and litter the wilderness
And the ocean, what if
We are the litter someone else left? 

Be Open

Having a mind that is fully open
And closed to nothing
Opinions, philosophies
Religions, and customs

Don't be reluctant
To what opposes your upbringing
And what others told you
As an innocent youngling

Nothing holds the globe’s truth
Only discovery, and uncovering
Recovering that touch
Of mystery and wondering

When you live a life of no attachment
Material assets do not matter
You gather and gain
Forgo it all the after

Hungry vultures may claim
Your bait, but never attain
The peace of mind
Of leaving it all behind – unfazed

Natively Naive

I believed to have no 
Opportunity to disagree
To live "successfully"
Supersedes my need to be free

So I suppress it deep inside of me
Biding by society
Quietly try to fit in
Live complacently, blindingly

All the while I’m privately
Fighting my soul violently
Two sided dialogue
Constant bullying, tirelessly

Who am I to be? 
Who are we to be?
Anything but realized
Natively naive.