Hard Lessons

The chateau cast a shadow 
Across every thing on the block
Starkly contrasting 
Our own hovel of tin and tree-bark

Mt. Olympus, rose above us
Gods amongst us mere mortals
Ironic how easy a job
To look down towards you nose to,

The forlorn, the scorned
Misfortunate and distressed
Hard lesson the oppressed
Must swallow and accept

Bowl Cycle

No one seems to notice
They only shrug they shoulders
And go about business as normal
Their ordinary rapport but

I'm spiraling in a downward
Cycle like the toilet bowl
My s### disposable to most
Decompose and erode

They too hard nosed to notice
It's no-ones fault but my own,
I dig my own hole
It's time to climb out and smell the roses

Finish the lyric…

Yourself Self-Centered

Count my blessings yes
Also can't help but count rejections
All the oppression and destress
Built up like bad credit

I’m sick of asking for help
Sick of not being able to get it
Sick of empty sentiments
Just layering on like sediment

Sick and tired 
Of being sick and tired
These mick and mire for hire doctors
Wish they’d quit and retire

Like politicians making decisions
That conflict with their own conditions
The only prescription that does anything
No signature required with it.

These Days

Can’t intermingle
Who are my own people
Relate to those who struggle
Forget color, race, or gene pools 

We equal, get swindle
By a few in collusion
Who've been doing the screwing since
Soon after the constitution writ

"Do your due diligence, get you due"
They said, they full of it
That’s restricted
For specific silver spooner kids

Who complain at non consumers
Like we've got something to give
For useless frivolousness
It's true disillusionment

Pay fair wages
Don't just wage war
Doomsday rakes ruins
Man get what you paid for

Societies stay polluted these days.