Con Ads

They only tell you what you can’t do
Not what you can
Options are limited
Stop signs and red lights like Roxanne

No options are there
Nothings offered its not fair
Yet they dangle the prospect
Out there in the air

Of fame and prosperity
And all that hogwash
Nonsense, advertisement
Feeding the harvest crops

I’m not falling man
You already got us
Hopping over obstacles
That's everywhere propped up

But you can't con us
No more, no sir
We don't serve the conglomerate
When we broke it don't work.

Drug Ads

You better think twice
Whatever lies you're peddling,
I ain't settling with whatever
My ties be severing

Trying to better my life
Not forever convalescent
Check the supplements
Collecting up there on my dresser

Time to forget em
Step up, be adept and adapt
No longer adopting
The option to drain untapped

Be abstract, like Jackson Pollock
With no toll or cost, hardwork
Struggle is artwork
Go ahead and let your art flourish.


What we can’t live with
Won’t ever let us be
And eventually it will rear it's head
Like a venom sting

From an unoffending frog
Beautiful, soft facade
But don’t dare touch it
Cause you might catch darts

Tenderly poisonous
You must always adjust
To not disrupt the comfort
Avoiding through mistrust

May get rushed to the gurney bus
You are not impervious to this
But give in to the mayhem
And gain some tolerance

Similar Souls

Sick of feeling boxed in
Parts of me, I do not understand
The underhanded advice offered
Identify and prosper plans

Find your competent qualities
And fit in proper
The only thing that I have discovered
I do not fit the slot marks

To one thing or another
Man, where is the comfort
The southern comfort
Always having one foot in gutter

The other in the shrubs
Why am I so unsure
Call it an “ imposter” trait
What am I good for

My sense of hope
Is the simple knowing tone
The understanding that comes
From those similar souls.

Pretentious Plain Janes

Release your need to achieve
To be the receiving end of everything
Please don't deem 
Achievement enviably

Direct recognition
With abbreviated letters
To be addressed for success
Your are subsequently better

Than whatever headers is left
With the rest of us
At least that's how it's perceived
No phd etc

Separate you and us
Pretentious vs the plain janes
We just maintain
Never cultivate our brainwaves 

Stuck on the perception
One another's misdirection
Is why we suffer collectively
If only we got the message

Finding Space

To be unshaken, undeterred
Nurturing your nerves
Burglars can ransack your house
No valuables are preserved

Yet you take the opportunity
To observe space undisturbed
The emptiness has a sense of
Peace unperturbed

They departed with your earnings
But moon and stars still circle
Real worth is
Space where possibilities may surface.

Finish The Lyric…

Be Open

Having a mind that is fully open
And closed to nothing
Opinions, philosophies
Religions, and customs

Don't be reluctant
To what opposes your upbringing
And what others told you
As an innocent youngling

Nothing holds the globe’s truth
Only discovery, and uncovering
Recovering that touch
Of mystery and wondering

When you live a life of no attachment
Material assets do not matter
You gather and gain
Forgo it all the after

Hungry vultures may claim
Your bait, but never attain
The peace of mind
Of leaving it all behind – unfazed

Natively Naive

I believed to have no 
Opportunity to disagree
To live "successfully"
Supersedes my need to be free

So I suppress it deep inside of me
Biding by society
Quietly try to fit in
Live complacently, blindingly

All the while I’m privately
Fighting my soul violently
Two sided dialogue
Constant bullying, tirelessly

Who am I to be? 
Who are we to be?
Anything but realized
Natively naive.

Freedom Of

I wish to say
What I feel today
With reservations that I may
Contradict when I wake

On the morrow, I will borrow
New credos, new morals
To follow, headstrong on
Like Edward r Murrow

No McCarthy headlong
Foolhardy hardnose
I’m an ardent advocate
Against labels & bar codes

Goes against the star spangled
Francis Scott Keye
We are free, America
No oligarchy.



Work is pleasant and rewarding
Conform early, learn the basics
Demonstrate accordingly

But more and more it seems
We've learned a yearning in our core
To be free in essence
To be let loose from the hoard

We are not so sure
Of our purpose anymore
Or the meaning of being
Who we are, and what for

It’s no mystery
Cultures of drugs and promiscuity
Is consistently habitual 
By so many in mutiny

Wanting to be something different
A gem, a rarity
Disease of our society
We feed souls of scarcity.