Finding Space

To be unshaken, undeterred
Nurturing your nerves
Burglars can ransack your house
No valuables are preserved

Yet you take the opportunity
To observe space undisturbed
The emptiness has a sense of
Peace unperturbed

They departed with your earnings
But moon and stars still circle
Real worth is
Space where possibilities may surface.

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Be Open

Having a mind that is fully open
And closed to nothing
Opinions, philosophies
Religions, and customs

Don't be reluctant
To what opposes your upbringing
And what others told you
As an innocent youngling

Nothing holds the globe’s truth
Only discovery, and uncovering
Recovering that touch
Of mystery and wondering

When you live a life of no attachment
Material assets do not matter
You gather and gain
Forgo it all the after

Hungry vultures may claim
Your bait, but never attain
The peace of mind
Of leaving it all behind – unfazed

Natively Naive

I believed to have no 
Opportunity to disagree
To live "successfully"
Supersedes my need to be free

So I suppress it deep inside of me
Biding by society
Quietly try to fit in
Live complacently, blindingly

All the while I’m privately
Fighting my soul violently
Two sided dialogue
Constant bullying, tirelessly

Who am I to be? 
Who are we to be?
Anything but realized
Natively naive.

Freedom Of

I wish to say
What I feel today
With reservations that I may
Contradict when I wake

On the morrow, I will borrow
New credos, new morals
To follow, headstrong on
Like Edward r Murrow

No McCarthy headlong
Foolhardy hardnose
I’m an ardent advocate
Against labels & bar codes

Goes against the star spangled
Francis Scott Keye
We are free, America
No oligarchy.



Work is pleasant and rewarding
Conform early, learn the basics
Demonstrate accordingly

But more and more it seems
We've learned a yearning in our core
To be free in essence
To be let loose from the hoard

We are not so sure
Of our purpose anymore
Or the meaning of being
Who we are, and what for

It’s no mystery
Cultures of drugs and promiscuity
Is consistently habitual 
By so many in mutiny

Wanting to be something different
A gem, a rarity
Disease of our society
We feed souls of scarcity.

Yourself Self-Centered

Count my blessings yes
Also can't help but count rejections
All the oppression and destress
Built up like bad credit

I’m sick of asking for help
Sick of not being able to get it
Sick of empty sentiments
Just layering on like sediment

Sick and tired 
Of being sick and tired
These mick and mire for hire doctors
Wish they’d quit and retire

Like politicians making decisions
That conflict with their own conditions
The only prescription that does anything
No signature required with it.

Flawed by Design

Took a small knee high
Meek-minded naive tyke
Tossed him head 
Over heel over hilt over hide

Never mind, mind over matter
You succeed on their terms
They teach what they learned
Drops out the tree face first

Acorn scorned
Right in s### to harvest
Don’t have to be the smartest
Often discouraged regardless

As long as you can follow orders
No worries, you'll resurface
And further spread the turds
Of the surplus disservice.

Rocks and Hard Places

I do follow protocol
Until I’m bottomed out
And worse off than before
Tossed off forgot about

Caught in rocks and hard places
Can’t save face like Murdock
I’m the d-team squad
A reserves spot third-opt

More cons then pros
More pain than joy
Now my whole brain void
Funked like soul train noise

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