mice & men

The heightened schemes
Of mice and men
The two species meet
With equal means to an end

The selfish needs
To get the cheese
And keep it
Complete disregard for indecent

Keeping what isn't ours
With boundaries cowardly
Shrouded we scour
Reaping and devouring

Outwardly spreading disease
With negligent ease
Our pedigree seems
We're an identical breed.

Non duality

We live duality 
In our reality
Backwards opposites
Distracted cognizance

It can't be that if it's this
White can't be black
Sad can't be bliss
There's no passion as a passive pacifist

Tragedy can only breed misery
Sensitivity turns pity
If you've lived with these griefs
You believe a bit differently

These hinderances we keep
Intrinsically in everything
To shelter our naive comforts
Against uncertainty ascending

Acceptability to what is
Without measuring metrics
Or separation, segregation
Life is gray yet iridescent.

Productive for what?

You must be productive
Plethora things you haven't done yet
You bumbling unstructured bum
Bottom bunk bed incumbent

Hurry up and do something
Anything in conjunction
With motor functions
Your borderline horizontally structured

Uh uh, nope, not good enough
Your putting up humble numbers
You must muster the chutzpah
You should be batting one-hundred

This judgement sure helps doesn't it
Impetus without rest
Nothing like continuous thrust
To nudge you over the edge